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What are the best ways to sell your art online?

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Not so long ago being an artist meant living in poverty and rejection, struggling to sell your art and be appreciated. The examples of artists who were praised after their deaths having lived in anguish, are plenty. Van Gogh,Monet,Toulouse-Lautrec are only a few of these “starving artists”. And then came the internet and the world became an enormous community, a huge marketplace, a place where every artist can be recognized and appreciated. With a vast variety of online galleries, auction sites and social networks, selling your art is easy, quick and quite stress free. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and of course a little bit of work.

First of all, search the web regularly for online galleries. Read reviews in relevant forums in order to pick the most reliable ones. Most of these galleries offer a variety of tutorials. Watch them. Then, subscribe to their newsletters. You can find valuable information about upcoming events and exhibitions. Some of them offer only showcasing but there many that act as middlemen between you and the prospective buyer.

Set up accounts on various artists’ social networks. This way you can connect with several artist communities, exchange ideas and get feedback. Some even allow you to set up your own blog where you can showcase your art and even sell it on your own. You will be surprised with the number of galleries and art connoisseurs that are cruising these sites in search for fresh talent.

There are also several auction sites. It is easy to set up your own online store, decide on the selling price and duration of the auction. This is also a good way to measure the appeal your art has to the general public.

So, which is the best way you ask. The answer is :Put your art out there. Dear artist starve no more! Sell your art online.

Here’s how you can make money out of your talent for art – sell your art online

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Some people were gifted with a talent for art that many of us envy. This gift should never go to waste as there are many ways in which an artist can put his or her talents to use. Looking at beautiful objects serves as a source of pleasure to all the tired people getting home after a hard day and many of them search for something to make their homes more pleasing to look at. The main goal is to get your items to these people.

‘How can I make money of my art?’ you might ask. Well, this is where one of the greatest invention of humanity comes handy, the internet. There is a pool of potential customers looking for artistic creations online and there are several places to find

One of the biggest such source is eBay. People browse through its directory several times a day, even if they don’t necessarily need something. One can easily launch an account that would specify in selling their art. Selling the first item is always the hardest customers, however come much faster afterwards.

There are several other sites you might want to take a look at when considering selling online. Facebook, for example, is often used for such purpose. Many widen their market by creating a Facebook a page or a group for their work and raising a large clientele after some clever marketing work.

The main rules to live by when selling online are: to be prompt, answer to requests and make leaving feedback available. Feedback is crucial to earn on the online market. When seeing positive feedback left by others, a buyer would find the seller more trustworthy and this, naturally, increases the chance of him or her purchasing one of your items.

As you can see there are many ways in which you can use your talent to make a living. Do not be afraid to give it a go!